What are focuses?

No Hate Speech Movement brings specific aspects or a target group of hate speech into the attention of the online public. This specific theme will also be the subject of an Action Day. During action day month the topic will be elaborated by involving organisations that are experts on the theme, the terms and expressions connected will be extended and reviewed, relevant reports will be collected and uploaded and specific actions will be organised to raise awareness and engage online public to improve understanding and show solidarity.
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3 June, 2014
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Hate Speech Targeting Refugees

Hate speech towards refugees is a strategic focus of Hate Speech Watch that aims to map and monitor hate content of the Internet towards migrants, asylum seekers, IDPs and immigrants. The Movement aims to promote constructive discourse for human rights and human empathy when engaging with this sensitive topic. We now invite You to contribute to the Hate Speech Watch by helping us map and monitor hate speech targeting refugees. View

The No Hate Speech Movement is inviting You to report online hate speech delivered by political parties and polititians during the election campaign through online media.The 2014 European Parliament elections are taking place in a context marked by the crisis and the rise of extremist parties in different parts of the European Union. Exclusion and intolerance represent a real threat for the human rights of many European citizens, in particular members of ethnic, religious and/or sexual minorities. You can report hate speech incidents of polititians in the EU election campaign on the website of both ENAR and ILGA Europe and you can also report online hate speech of polititians here in the Hate Speech Watch View

2 May, 2014
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Against Homophobia and Transphobia 2015 - IDAHOT

The Hate Speech Watch is focusing to Homphobia and Transphobia in May. We invite you to report online hate speech against people with different gender identity and sexual orientation. The Internet is full of hatred and incitement towards LGBTQI people and it actually affects freedom of expression of all of us. A survey conducted by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe in 2012 shows that homophobic and transphobic hate speech is one of the most frequently encountered form of hate speech online. Addressing such hate speech is a cause for action for all as it reaches everybody. For this reason protecting freedom of expression including of people with different sexual orientation and gender identity is of utmost importance for all of us who considers Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law the basic principles of the peaceful life of human kind.   View

This focus was creeated by the National No Hate Speech Training of Multipliers (14-17 March). The aim of the focus is to collect typical hate speech patterns and identify potential best practices that my work to combat them in Hungary. By this focus it will be easier to search and find hate speech that relate to Hungary reports on the Hate Speech Watch, and human right activist can organise actions around these online contents.Ezt a fókuszt a No Hate: Közös Többszörös Multiplikátor képzés alkalmából készítettük. A fokusz létrehozásának célja az volt, hogy azonosítsuk azokat gyűlöletbeszéd sémákat, amelyek jellemzőek Magyarországon. Ezzel könnyebben kereshetővé és megtalálhatóvá válnak a Gyűlölet Monitoron található magyar vonatkozású gyűlölet tartalmak és könnyebben lehet velük kapcsolatban online fellépést és akciókat szervezni.  View

31 March, 2014
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Respect the Roma. Europeans for eight centuries.

The International Roma Day* is a day to celebrate Romani culture and raise awareness of the issues facing Roma people. In April Hate Speech Watch focuses on hate speech targeting Roma people in Europe. On the occasion of International Romani Day on 8th of April the No Hate Speech Movement is organizing a European Action Day for Solidarity with Roma. The Hate Speech Watch team encourages you to report online content of any form that is spreading anti Roma ideas and promoting hatred and discrimination against Roma people of Europe. Around the Action Day online activists will choose some of the reports and will respond to them by organizing specific online actions to raise awareness or to reduce the harm of that reported content. View

3 March, 2014
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In March Hate Speech Watch focuses on the problem of racial discrimination online, following the coming International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 21 March. The Hate Speech Watch encourages you to report online sources spreading racist ideas and inciting hatred and discrimination. This month Online Activists will select a number of sensitive cases and will respond to them by organizing specific online actions to raise awareness or to reduce the harm of that hate speech content.  View

29 January, 2014
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Safer Internet and Hate Speech Online

In February the Hate Speech Watch will concentrate on the relation between Internet safety and hate speech content. We are exploring how hate speech content affects the safety of young people and children online. The Hate Speech Watch is collecting reports of online hate speech content that endangered young people or chlidren. If you find anything like that please report it. The online Activists of the Movement will select 3 of the reported cases and will organise online actions to raise awareness or to reduce the harm of that hate speech content. View

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9 December, 2013
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The Power of Words: Human Rights Online

THE POWER OF WORDS: INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY:  This year on December 10 we will be celebrating 65th International Human Rights Day, the remarkable day when in 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This was the first time in the history of humanity when the real value and importance of human rights were globally recognized while setting “a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance, both among the peoples of Member States themselves and among the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction”. View

On 9 November each year European organisations raise awareness about and act against fascism and antisemitism. They do this to commemorate the past and to protest against contemporary forms of fascism and antisemitism. We invite all users of the Hate Speech Watch to report online hate speech related to antisemitism or fascism in November and to collect relevant material and hate speech examples in order to raise awareness and educate about the serious problem of the increasing antisemitism in Europe.Shocking facts about the increase of antisemitisim: A recent survey in nine different European countries almost a quarter of Jewish respondents said they avoid visiting places and wearing symbols that identify them as Jews for fear of antisemitism. View

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8 October, 2013
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Local hate speech - Participate, No Hate!

The focus of this month is hate speech in local context. In every local community (town or village) there are specific targets of hate speech that affects the life of those in the community. The Hate Speech Watch wants to encourage users of the Internet to identify local specific hate speech that exist online connected to their local context in school,  at work or in the town/village you live in. Report these typical hate speech expression form on your local online newsportals, local websites and social media. View