European Parliamentary Elections - NO HATE SPEECH

23 May, 2014
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Community Manager
May 23, 2014 at 9:18 am

The No Hate Speech Movement is inviting You to report online hate speech delivered by political parties and polititians during the election campaign through online media.The 2014 European Parliament elections are taking place in a context marked by the crisis and the rise of extremist parties in different parts of the European Union. Exclusion and intolerance represent a real threat for the human rights of many European citizens, in particular members of ethnic, religious and/or sexual minorities. You can report hate speech incidents of polititians in the EU election campaign on the website of both ENAR and ILGA Europe and you can also report online hate speech of polititians here in the Hate Speech Watch

You can also read examples and some statistics provided by ILGA-Europe and ENAR by the 21 May based on 30 submitted reports they received on their websites.


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