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31 January, 2015
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January 31, 2015 at 11:00 am

The 7 February Action Day joins the global Safer Internet day call to ‘Be the change: United for a Better Internet!’ Making internet a safe and engaging space for children and youth has been a driving force behind the work of the many partners in the campaign, including Insafe and INHOPE networks and Safer Internet Centres. As we believe that the Internet will be a better and safer place for all if there is less hate speech, and hate speech is not ignored  and people speak up more for Human Rights online. The Movement invites YOU to flag online hate speech that endangers our safety online. Flag any online content that endangers safety of young people for it’s a content that spreads hatred against certain group of people, or because some young people are targets of such hate speech. Report incidents of cyberbullying that uses hate speech against certain young individuals. In your report you can also include arguments, recommendations and share your report on social media.

Call for action in your neighbourhood or community in order to raise awareness about an online bullying case, report it in your school, or to your parents or to the police if needed. If you know any one among your freinds who has been bullied online, ask them to write their stories to the Movement and we will publish the stories on the Action Day. The Movement seeks to ensure that the Internet is a space where human rights apply for all, where hate speech doesn’t exist, and where all Internet users can feel free and safe to express their opinions. 

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