Speak Peace - No Hate! Hate Speech in conflicted communities

13 September, 2013
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Community Manager
September 13, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Hate Speech Watch will focus in September on Hate Speech targeting communities effected by conflict and violence. This includes Hate Speech about aconflict, or Hate Speech between members of opposite sides of a conflict. There are many close links between peace and hate speech. As a form of violence, hate speech belongs to the sphere of what individual, “normal”, people do that affects peace. Reporting this hate speech to Hate Speech Watch will highlight just how widespread casual hate speech is.   

We will be picking the most ‘talked about’ example of hate speech on our HSW tool on the 21 September the International day of Peace, so Speak Peace - Not hate! and start actions in relation to the chosen report(s).If you want to join this Action Day with other actions. You can click on the European Action Day button on the main page or see the event here.


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