What is the glossary of terms?

There are several expressions that are necessary to understand when we deal with hate speech. The Hate Speech Watch is compiling a collection of definitions that are linked to different aspects of hate speech. One notion may have more definitions which are important for the full understanding of what we actually discuss and about what we take actions. In this Glossary you can find the related notions with their definitions that were collected and built up by online activists of the Movement involving European organisations working in that specific field. If you have recommendations or comments on any of the definitions please do not hesitate to contact us
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Biphobia: It is the fear, unreasonable anger, intolerance or/and hatred toward bisexuality and bisexual people. This phobia may exists among heterosexuals, gay men, lesbians, or by bisexuals themselves, and is often related to multiple negative stereotypes of bisexuals centre on the belief that bisexuality does not exist and on the generalisation that bisexuals are ... View
Bisexual: A person who is emotionally and/or sexually attracted to persons of more than one sex.