The big fag database
A "database" of a Hungarian neonazi portal that lists participants of the Budapest Pride

This is a n initiatative of a Hungarian extremist website to list people with names and photos from Facebook, who signed up to be present in the Budapest Pride. It implicitely invites for hate crime, for it illegally shows photos of names of people as "fags" to be hated. As a result of this initiative many agressors feel invited to find and harass these people. The website is registered in USA so it cannot be removed, inspite of all efforts by Hungarian civil organisations as well as institutions working with hate speech and human rights. After this year Budapest Pride (6ht July), three persons were beaten up and kicked to serious injuries by a group of 30 neonazi pseudo-military men just after the Pride, as they were walking home peacefully from the event.

It is very malicious and inciting initiative to frighten participants of a peaceful event. As registered in USA, it cannot be taken to court nor to be removed. The counter action was to invite as many people as possible to sign up for the event so that they cannot list so many people. It has a very bad message however with such an initiative they usually support coalition building on the side of people who respect human rights and dignity for all.

Report by: Community Manager, Hungary
July 9, 2013 at 9:18 am


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