Hate speech against a belief and its people


the kind of hate speech and hate propaganda this website is spreading over the internet is one of a kind. it comes as a shock that how does this kind of rage and hate that is in their minds and hearts allows them to live in harmony with anyone. persecution through speech is one of the most dangerous evils that exists with the growth of internet, i strongly recommend that this site should be taken down immediately because its not a factual based commentary, rather its only coming out of hate & dedication to make people hate a certain religion and belief system that is the source of harmony and peace for almost 1.6 billion fellow human beings. it only focuses on slandering islam out of personal remarks and belief regardless of the facts & statistics even the references made from the quran are not correct (if you need to cross check: https://quran.com/) but only a selective, self serving, farrago of misrepresentation and misquotations. i hope that you consider the gravity of this. thanks.

January 23, 2018 at 12:12 pm
hate hatespeech against islam falsestatements antimuslim


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