Hate speech against women on a swedish gaming forum
Hate speech against women on a swedish gaming forum

fragbite.se/forum/ovrigt/ovriga-tradar/thread/ ...

This in one of the biggest forum for competitive games. They do not have a policy agaisnt hate speech and this is a "common" attitude. That girls have lower IQ and therefore should lose their human rights.

I do consider it an example of sexist and irreasonable hate speech, that was probably intended to be a part of "cool boys talks" since it appeared on the most popular swedish gaming forum, where the majority of users are teenager males. The examples that the post's author brings up to prove his point are lacking logic and are based on stereotypes. Another opinion:I would consider this hateful and hurtful material towards women (or girls as the writer says), but it would definitely not be labeled as hate crime. This is because hate crime is not a crime in itself but a reason for harder penalty to crimes that have hate motive on certain grounds (skin color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, and sexuality). The material above is not criminal; it is just opinions built on false grounds and unclear deduction.It would have been possible to use the legislation on agitation against a (national or ethnic) group (Swedish Penal Code Chapter 16 section 8 – Hets mot folkgrupp), which also include sexual or religious groups and trans*people. The problem is that this legislation does not include cis women as a group. 

Report by: Elaine Boström, Sweden
September 24, 2013 at 7:09 am
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