News station in Ukraine flawed reporting on situation in Moscow: the migrant scare ...

The Television News Service (TSN), while reporting on events in Moscow, not only used the term "illegals" in relation to people who were apprehended by Moscow police forces with no background on the actual status of these persons in Russia, but went on to imply the link between ethnicity and criminality, as well as migrant worker status and criminality. The news piece also includes an indication of someone's supposed ethnic background in description of a crime, as well as talks about passport checks as "decriminalization" of Moscow thus suggesting criminality of migrants living in the city. The report ends with yet another mention of an "illegal" as it claims involved in the incident at the border. In general, the article has little solid data and understanding of the nature of migrant community and resorts to the use of catch phrases to create the image of a migrant threat

Report by: Olena Bondarenko, Ukraine
November 7, 2013 at 11:08 pm
hate migrants ukraine russia migration


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