Violence Inciting Speech against Iranians

The article and the comments that follow are discriminatory towards Iranians who come to Armenia. The article describes an incident when a group of Iranian guys who entered the service center of a Telecommunications Company, behaved in a rude, impolite, impudent way with the girls standing next or close to them. They behaved so bad that the security beat the Iranian men. The incident is described in a way as if all Iranians are impolite, clumsy, and “are not worth” coming to Armenia. It is important to note that the basis of the information of this article is an interview carried out with an unknown person, who said, after all, that of course “our guys did it good that decided to beat the Iranians”. The comments that follow support the statements in the article and add more hateful and intolerant statements about Iranians in general!

The article itself is not clear as the process of finding out whos fault is where should be still checked by the police, but the comments after are full of hate speech Iranians who dont behave themselvs "normal" out of their country and feel themselvs more at home in other countries. 

Report by: Lusine Ghazaryan, Armenia
December 8, 2013 at 8:11 pm
racism xenophobia armenia iranians


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