Hateful speech against an Armenian driver in Russian Public Channel
propaganding agains emigrants


The video is news reportage of Russian second most popular public channel, which was later, posted, widely shared and commented in YouTube. The title of the video reads “Armenian killer of women and children. […] Russians and Armenians”. It is about a car accident that happened in Moscow lately in a result of which a more than ten people died. The driver was of Armenian origin and citizenship and the news reporter would say it every second while speaking about why the accident happened. The speaker has an obviously rude, hateful and negative emphasis in her speech every time she notes the nationality of the driver, i.e. surname that ends with “yan”, country “Armenia” where the driver comes from, etc. Moreover, she noted about the driver (watch from the minute 1:24) that in the Court “he would not raise his eyes, would “mumble” and refused to testify which is not definitely related to any health conditions of Hrachya Harutyunyan”. With this video the speaker factually “nationalizes” the accident as if it would not happen if the driver had another nationality. It has the aim to show and further to prove the society about the harm that Armenian did to Russians.

In the video there is a non direct propaganda towords people emigrating Russia. This time the target is an armenian person , who was mocked via popular journalist and the info was spread very fast after which hate speeches started. 

Report by: Lusine Ghazaryan, Armenia
December 8, 2013 at 10:15 pm


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