Azarov, Prime Minister of Ukraine discriminating members of "sexual minorities" in public speech

Today in Kiev Mykola Azarov the Prime Minister of Ukraine discriminated member of "sexual minorities" during giving examples of signing the agreement with and complying to values of the EU and giving equal rights to every member of the society regardless of race, sex, age, background and sexual orientation etc. This in public speech at the pro-government rally, few hundred meters away from the ongoing demonstrations against the President and the Government. He said (article completed with original video of the speech, see links): "The opposition leaders are telling fables when they say that we only have to sign the [association] agreement [with the EU] to start traveling to Europe visa-free the next day. Nothing of the sort. We have yet to comply with a whole set of preconditions. Do you know which are they? We have to legalize same-sex marriages, we have provide equal rights to the members of sexual minorities! Is our society ready for this? see articles:, see video with more specific citation: at 24:24 minutes

Report by: Viktor Szabados, Hungary
December 14, 2013 at 8:24 pm


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