Very Racist FB page in Georgian language, against Afro American, African and Indian people who lives in Georgia

Unfortunately I can say that this is very common FB page in Georgia. First of all I start from the name of page "Let's oblige all Niggers to Leave Georgia", from the name of page we can undoubtedly say that this is racist page, but this is not everything. Unfortunately the Admin/s of this page is/are using hate speech in every post and other racist people are liking, commenting and sharing it! There is also one post of the person who is not racist (I think so, but he uses almost hate speech against admin/s of page) and when he posted "Admin go burn yourself" admin started swearing against this guy and he/she solved problem in his/her mind. We reported this page, I think FB received at least 12-15 reports about this page and also we are asking people to report it, so let's wait for the results.

Report by: Gubaz Koberidze, Georgia
December 24, 2013 at 7:31 pm


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