Anti-gay music. 'Same Love - A Response.'
Anti-gay music. 'Same Love - A Response.'

I draw attention to three false premises in the track and how they assist a culture of hateful division. This is not a defense of Macklemore's track 'Same Love'. We should also be critical of that. False premise 1: 'People of colour and people who are gay are two antagonistic and separate groups.' Many people of colour are also gay. This misrepresention of reality, presents two separate groups, working to perpetuate division between people and ignores the lives of people of colour who are gay and LBTQ*. False premise 2: 'People who are gay all say 'gay is the new black.'' The statement 'gay is the new black' also pisses off many people who are gay, and many who are both gay and black. Whilst Macklemore's 'Same Love' ignores intersectionality and marginalised continuing black struggle, Bizzle conflates Macklemore with all people who are gay. Macklemore speaks for Macklemore. Characterising people who are gay as people who say this kind of ignorant rubbish is an insult to huge numbers of people. False premise 3: Associating being gay with being a pedophile and/or being sick. This is highly dangerous, deeply insulting and all kinds of false. Sexual violence and abuse of children is *always* about power, domination and control. This is not true of relationships between consenting adults.

hate speech to LGBT and to black people.

Report by: Steven Mahatma, Cyprus
February 11, 2014 at 1:15 pm
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