Hate speech video - denial of genocide

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What the video says? The video entitled “Apo’s mother :) – Apo was an Armenian” starts with these words: “ATTENTION!! WE CERTAINLY DO NOT RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS VIDEO AFTER MEALS. BECAUSE YOU MAY THROW UP!!!.” IN THE UPCOMING PHOTO YOU SEE BITCH LEYLA KISSING A WOMAN’S HAND. THAT WOMAN IS APO’S MOTHER : ) IN OTHER WORDS A FUCKING ARMENIAN : ) WHAT’S THE REAL NAME OF APO? ARTIN AGOPYAN (*a typical Armenian name) Do you know who discovered this? A martyr’s father who spoke during a trial that took place in 1999. He said to Apo: “You are not Kurdish, you are Armenian! Now I am talking in Kurdish with you, if you are a Kurd, then answer me in Kurdish!”. Of course he couldn’t recieve any answers. Apo, a so called Kurd, claimed that he would liberate the Kurds and then killed more Kurds then Turks, gave trainings in Turkish in the guerilla camps. Artin Agopyan with the nickname Abdullah Öcalan. In reality he was an Armenian and he did not know Kurdish!.. IN this way, someone shouted at the murderer’s face that he was in fact an Armenian. -- This video employs hate speech because it is a complete lie which serves to deny the rights of Kurds while inciting hatred and hostility against Armenians who have always been the scapegoats of this country. The aim is to “justify hatred” against Armenians by putting the blame of the ongoing terror in the country (which actually resulted from the Turkish state’s oppression of Kurds) on a very vulnerable minority group who frequently become the targets of hate crimes. Furthermore, the word “Armenian” itself is used as an insult which further promotes hatred against the Armenian community.

Report by: Ruxandra Pandea, Hungary
March 22, 2013 at 9:19 am
denial discrimination armenian genocide youtube nationalism


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