Racist and xenophobic profile in twitter using humour


This profile in twitter uses humour and jokes to spread racism and xenophobic ideas in spanish. But this jokes are not funny, are mainly, hurting people and insulting others just for being different.

this profile makes racist and xenophobic jokes, so it uses the humour to spread hate speech. At the pictures- hate symbols as the svastika and a profile picture of the kkk - jokes like: what have in common a black person and a black cat?? That you have to touch wood (and as you see, it means the we have to hit black people with a wood stick) Another joke says: what are doing a skinheads group in BETLEM? Looking for the black king Baltasar (from the Christian myth) There are another jokes quite disgusting that compares children with cancer with calendars (like they have counted days...)

Report by: McI Valencia, Spain
February 11, 2014 at 5:20 pm
racism xenophobia jokes humour twitter spain hatespeech


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