Latvijas Tautas Tribunāls

Blog/forum posts on this site can be directly associated with hate speech. More specifically, they target ethnic groups such as Jews and Russians. Common slogans include mass extermination and labeling these ethnic minorities as 'sub-human' species. Target individuals are often politicians, that supposedly are either Jew, Russian, Communist or any combinations of the above-mentioned, that have allegedly infiltrated key government positions with the sole purpose of extermination of Latvian nation. Content of the blog is written in a variant of Latvian language, that has been poorly written (grammar, style). However, the domain is '.eu', so that the local (Latvian) criminal laws against hate speech might not apply. In my personal opinion, this site has no place on the European internet.

Report by: John Smith, Latvia
March 26, 2014 at 1:01 pm
racist hate antisemitism


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