Extreme homophobic language aimed at Ireland

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This blog post is an example of extreme homophobia SEE EXAMPLES BELOW A disgusting Irish homosexual who cannot stop publically proclaiming his love of male genitalia admixing with his faeces, has according to the Rothschild-owned newswire AP, “become a celebrated star With millions of fans” in the Jewish-bankster controlled trainwreck rapidly descending into a third-world jungle known as the Irish Republic. It was always understood in Ireland that there were homosexuals and it was never an issue as long as it was kept to themselves, in fact there was very little hostility to them among the general population and Anglo-Irish writer Oscar Wilde’s homosexuality never impinged upon his fame. But since the ‘liberation’ of this group they have, as they have done in every other country, sought to flaunt themselves and their perverted practices in the national eye as much as they possibly could, practically having sex in public infront of children in ‘gay’ parades.

Report by: Sarah James, United Kingdom
May 15, 2014 at 10:54 am
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