"Too many asylum seekers and refugees in the UK"


This article is about "Too many asylum seekers and refugees in the UK" - The article is from a website that is about ranting. The problem is the article also has a LOT of hate speech in the comments

INSTRUCTIONS:This report has been selected for actuion by the online activists of the No Hate Speech Movement. You are invited to visit this page (click the red link above after reading instructions) and write your comment in a way that you respect the opinion of others, freedom of speech as well as other human rights. Our objective is to provide counter arguements against stereotypes, discrimmination, hate speech concerning refugees and asylum seekers. Instead of ignorance we invite all people who do believe in equality and human rights to act now by commenting to challenge the mainstream discrimminative discourse. Te move the readers and commenters away from "black and white" interpretations of realities.Write what you think, and learn from arguing! Take care of your own identity because arguing with "haters" can be difficult and may create personal danger. Do not provide your real identiy, nor any details of it, just as haters hide behind anonymity most of the time.

Report by: Sarah James, United Kingdom
June 17, 2014 at 5:51 pm
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