This is the article in full The sickening traitors of the Catholic Church in Rome, led by the Antipope Francis – who recently claimed that Europe should go to Africa and pick up all the poor people and bring them directly to city centers, so the poor dears don’t drown – has begun opening up the churches to be used as refugee centers for hordes of subhuman filth. Washington Post: The Italian coast guard rescued another 293 migrants at sea and brought them to Sicily Tuesday. They join the nearly 60,000 migrants who have arrived in Italy in the first half of 2014, far more than the 42,000 who arrived in all of 2013. Churches in Palermo have emptied out pews to make space for clean cots and community members are pitching in to cook meals and donate goods. Volunteers from the Catholic charity Caritas greet migrant boats at the port with food, clothes, doctors and even psychologists. “We’ve substituted the altar with beds,” said the Rev. Rosario Francolino, who has been coordinating the reception of 700 Africans at a Palermo church since Sunday. “I think it’s the most beautiful Mass the community could celebrate.” Many staying at the churches have survived horrors during their journey to Sicily. Kollycoulibal, a 20-year-old from Mali, said his boat of 49 men filled with water on Sunday morning and he had to swim for two hours until the Italian coast guard arrived. Ten men drowned, including his 16-year-old cousin. Oh sweet mercy. A black person drown. How can the horrors continue to come as this? If they continue to drown, we will run out of black people. And then who would steal the purse? Who would enrich the culture with vibrancy? Who would gang-rape the White women? When all the blacks drown, you’ll wish you had followed the Pope’s advice, and went to Africa and brought them all directly to Europe.

Report by: Sarah James, United Kingdom
June 18, 2014 at 9:43 pm
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