Vármegyések látogatták meg a papnak öltözött buzeránst
Hate Speech towards LGBT activist

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The Budapest Gay Pride was organised last Saturday in Hungary. There was a man on one of the trucks, dressed up as priest and gave an interview that was published online. He talked about extreme right attitude and also criticised religious attitudes towards LGBTQI people. He was sarcastic and cyinical in this interview. Some extreme right wing organisations found it provoking and started to search for this guy. They found his workplace and his home address and they started going after him. A bunch of 6 neo-nazi persons visited his workplace and they were stopped by the police on their way out. This article is written on the neo-nazi website and it goes on condemning the guy and talking against homosexuals. Under among the comments you can find all kinds of horrific comments full of hate speech and a total misinterpreation of the whole story. This article and the story behind shows a relaistic danger to this person. There is clear incitment to violence here.

Report by: Norbert Moldován, Hungary
July 11, 2014 at 12:15 pm
gay pride vármegye hvim


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