BEWARE: Fix the Family "Cathoilc" Media actually a hate speech organization
Website promoting wives to be submissive to their husbands.

Fix the Family claims to be a Catholic media organization, but it is clear from their many blog posts that they are actually a misogynist organization defaming women and promoting views that lead to domestic and sexual abuse. Some examples of their teachings: 1. The man is the head of the house and it is his duty to control his wife and children. A woman's place is in the home; for her to want a career is greedy of her and demonic. 2. A woman has no control over her own body. She cannot use birth control and must have sex whenever her husband wants to. 3. A woman is a "soft delicate flower of a person" who sometimes "screams and hollers" and then "what's a man to do!?" Obviously these are radical and hateful views that taken only slightly farther, can be used to justify all kinds of domestic and sexual violence against women. I support religious freedom of expression (and am religious myself), but this organization should not be allowed to continue publishing what is so obviously dangerous hate speech.

'The husband is the head of his wife, and she must be submissive to his authority' or 'Feminist Lie #4-All Girls Need to go to College video' are some of the words you can read in this website. 

Report by: Steph A-B, United Kingdom
July 17, 2014 at 7:41 pm
hate violence control family catholic


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