Youtube video and comments based on "Native French under Attack in Muslim Areas " ...

This video compiles a serial of attacks to "white french people" by "muslim people". The purpose is to relate muslim religion with violence and delinquency and send the message that multiculturalism and diversity is bad for western countries. The worst part comes with the comments. This is just one of the examples that it can be find under this video (not just with muslims but with all religions): "This is EXACTLY why ALL muslims should be removed from the west and ALL mosques should be destroyed. People from muslim countries should not be allowed in the west because their culture, beliefs and ideology is TOTALLY INCOMPATIBLE. Christopher Hitchens was and still is correct - God is NOT great and Religion DOES POISON EVERYTHING! Islam = Judaism = Christianity = Clanism = Scientology = Mormonism = Cultism = the relinquishing of your critical thinking in favor of a conceptual entity = Idiocy. Time to think. Time to think rationally. Time to think for yourself. "

Report by: Panda Style, Spain
September 19, 2014 at 2:34 pm
victimhood muslims islamophobia hatespeech hatecrime france youtube video religiousintolerance intolerance multiculturalism whitegenocide


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