'Islamophilia or how the West are inserting sharia with their own hands'

apzvalga.eu/islamofilija-arba-kaip-vakarai-sav ...

The article does not use derogatory terms or incite direct violence. However, it is clearly biased, and uses selective facts to promote islamophobia. The article begins by saying that Islam is hostile to the Western civilization, and cites Dawid Woods' thought that Western countries are actively promoting sharia, because they put Islam above other religions, and allow Islam to treat [Western] people as second-class citizens. It also states that muslims are allowed by religion to live out of the income of 'non-believers', and gives an example of Anjema Choudary, who benefits from and 'makes fun of the hard-working British people, who live lives of slaves'. According to another claim, muslims are encouraged to put all their efforts to holy Jihad, which can also be done by creating large families. Some of the fear inciting quotes include: 'Muslims are now waging war against Europe not with sword but woman's uterus'.

Report by: Neringa Tumenaite, Lithuania
September 20, 2014 at 9:10 am
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