Article on Romanian Roma Pupils at the Schools of Berlin
Mass media reinforcing bad stereotypes about Roma: integration is barely possible ...

The article induces the idea that Roma pupils with migration background have special needs and cannot be integrated in the educational system.

This might be not an illustration to hate speech, but the "fact-giving" language of the article on the respected German website reinforces bad stereotypes about Romani children and gives the idea that school attendance is only a tool for Roma families in Germany to wipe more money from the government and better social guarantees. Roma children are portrayed as barely able to integrate in the community and as a source of extra state expenditures. While facing this kind of "opinion/experience-sharing" articles we should be especially careful about their consequences in the community. The impact of ideas expressed in the article is followed by quite negative comments that demonstrate that the concept of Romani people as hardly able to integrate is largely supported by the community.Taking into account the interest of mass media to "hot-selling" topics that meet broad acceptance by the audience, It might be more needed for the better benefit of community to focus on positive experiences of Romani integration. Marking 2nd of August as the Rememberance Day of Roma Genocide is a note to remember that mass violence against a particular social group has deep roots in marginalization of this community at the daily basis - it starts from the small steps, such as "they are different, they cannot live like us" and leads to tragic consequences.

Report by: Diana Botescu, Germany
April 5, 2013 at 8:38 pm
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