provoking situation against Yezidis in Iraq

In November 12 , the political Islamic Party in Kurdistan were accepted by the head of Iraq in the highest level. And they discussed the future of the cooperation between two sides in political role in the Iraq. REMINDING the readers what was siad by the Islamist Party`s head "Напомни читателям, что буквально две недели назад Али Бапири в прямом эфире телеканала Rudaw заявил, что езиды, погибающие от рук ИГ, не являются мучениками и следовательно не попадут в рай."translation into English "Two weeks before Ali Bapiri (Head of Islamic Party in Kurdistan) in live streem announced , that Yezidis, that were killed by ISIS are not martyrs and cannot go to paradise"  

Report by: Nogenocides Civic Initiative, Armenia
December 9, 2014 at 6:41 pm
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