The danger of words: Far-right activism

This is the web page of a extreme far right movement in Britain: National Action. To describe it, I will use the description that is on his own website written by antifacists activists in other media. For instance, Colin Cortbus, journalist of the Huffington Post: “National Action uses evocative, professional-quality graphics, focusing on brutally racist, emotional and symbolic imagery of violent struggle, accompanied by carefully crafted, concise, ideology-centred textual messages and memorable slogans… this material can have a fundamentally different effect on young, often socially-isolated, predominantly male-youths who have already accepted the racist and violent premises of extreme nationalism. It can provide a perverse identity-giving discourse of perceived empowerment, superiority, meaning, elitism, and ‘coolness’; A discourse that drives them into becoming activists rather than merely keyboard sympathisers or online trolls.” The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson said: “Their views are so extreme and utterly noxious that they make the BNP look like Amnesty International.”

Report by: Panda Style, Spain
September 23, 2015 at 11:36 am
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