17 yearl old boy beaten because he declared himself equal to a non-Roma

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Mitko, a 17 year-old boy was beaten last weekend because he declared himself equal to a non-Roma man who threatened him. This was an attack on all Roma. This is not an exception; it is a predictable peak in the ordinary racism we face, and a symptom of the hate crimes, and other forms of discrimination, we experience every day in Bulgaria and elsewhere. When we say we don’t enjoy equality, our non-Roma brothers and sisters often don’t believe us. They are blind to their own privilege, and still perceive us as the ones who need to do something more. They don’t see the prejudice, only its effects, and conclude that we are passive and unmotivated. They do not know how hard it is to declare yourself equal when so many say you are not; they cannot imagine what it is to be beaten just because you say what Mitko did. Mitko knows, I know, and many of our Roma children, women and men know; and many more know what it is to silence themselves to avoid the same beating. Watch this video. It is painful, but it shows the brutal deprivation of our dignity and human rights. My organisation is closely watching how the Bulgarian authorities investigate this case, and if they show anything less than the closest scrutiny to this act of racial hatred, we will make sure they are condemned in Europe and around the world. But we all need to do more. We need to show solidarity, we need to show support. We are all Mitko, Roma and non-Roma. We are equal! Join, translate, share by Djordje Jovanovich, European Roma Rights Center

Report by: Denis Durmis, Hungary
April 20, 2016 at 8:13 am
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