Evalion deleted channel upload (AntiSemitism)
YouTube channel containing Hate Speech towards several vulnerable groups


Her channel was deleted 3+ times from youtube because of hate speech about jews and feminists and claiming the holocaust didn't happen.

The channel has been deleted several times from YouTube because of the Hate Speech content targeting jews, feminists, the LGBTQI community and for claiming the Holocaust did not exist. Some of the videos appear to be very well documented, however they reinforce stereotypes and present various vulnerable communities (such as the LGBTQI community) as "the other", a danger to society, in a manner of instilling in the majority fear and disrespect of the said minority groups.

Report by: Jose Arkell, Other country
May 18, 2016 at 8:33 pm
lgbtqi jews holocaust feminists research stereotypes fear disrespect minority humanrights youtube danger hatespeech


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