Everyday hate speech: forum users attacking a Romani student, who asked about scholarship conditions ...

The roma student ask how to apply at the fondation and he say what criteria has and what is needs for applying but the people start to attack with world where i dont like to translate.This happen many times for the Roma students here in Macedonia, but the problem is the people not the government. people who comment was very bad thing saying about him and for all Roma student that why you need scholarship your people dont need to education,the gypsy people still the government money ,even you explain them that is not the government money they are from the Roma Education Fund,. I know many Macedonian people who really help for the Roam student but most of the population dont like the Roma

A strong example of hate speech and prejudice against Roma becoming a normal part of everyday life. Neutral question of a girl at the forum regarding scholarship conditions was met with a wave of negative replies and obscene lexic blaming Roma for being thiefs and wasting the governmental money. Young Roma people who are trying to acquire education and start their professional life become subjects to strong discrimination by people around them - basically they prevent them to ruin bad stereotypes about Romani and aggravate the marginalization. Numerous statements from people, who evidenced this, stress that for Romani people it is very hard to find appartment for rent or job or any other kind of social agreement due to the social pressure against them. 

Report by: Elez Bislim, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
April 18, 2013 at 4:26 pm
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