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In the recent days some daily newspapers in Albania have used a negative and derogatory language towards Roma community living in the country. This is not the first time that such negative and unacceptable language against our community finds space in the Albanian media. Certain words such as “Cigan”, “Gabi” which represent a very negative connotation have been present in several occasions in the Albanian media. The use of certain language in the media by journalists representing a negative, disdainful and exclusion meaning over Roma is both wrong and unjust. Roma community has lived in Albania for centuries and represents an important cultural and human treasure to the Albanian society. The Roma civil society organizations in Albania together with Roma youth have initiated a campaign which aims to create awareness within the traditional and social media in order to stop the negative and disdainful language towards Roma. The use of such language harms at the same time our community and further discourages the initiatives of public institutions and civil society to advance Roma inclusion as basic right and an imperative for the progress of the Albanian society. Disdainful language hurts! Stop negative speech! Stop the despising and offensive language in the media against Roma! The aim of this petition is to disseminate the message that negative language towards Roma is a language against a healthy, just and prosperous society. In case you agree with the above lines, please sign this petition, disseminate it and make its message and logo your Facebook profile photo for a day. Your contribution keeps the negative language against Roma away from the Albanian media.

This is a good example of solidarity against Romani discrimination in the form of a petition applying to media ethics and respect to a human dignity by journalists. Not an example of hate speech, but a case to be spread, because media is the power that shapes our attitudes and thoughts on the daily basis.

Report by: Elez Bislim, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
April 18, 2013 at 6:10 pm
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