rasist FB page mainly going against Roma

www.facebook.com/dujmanie/photos/a.13782441124 ...

despite the character of the FB page, teh promoted messages and also the comments should be completely banned

-----------------------------------------In fact, comments are some of the pictures contain hate speech. The first picture is a singer of a musical genre that is usually associated with people who are not very well educated, and the caption in the two photos reads:
Singer: "you make me dust (or you crush me), you make me ash"
Hitler: "the pleasure is all mine"
There are few comments that are also following the same historic references, with Hitler exterminating people, suggesting that we should do the same to singers who promote this musical genre and to those who listen to it... If you decide to counteract with narratives, be sure that you don't spread that hate, think about your objectives before replying, build an educational narrative and please, don't get it personal.

Report by: Marius Jitea, France
August 10, 2016 at 8:58 am


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