International jewishness - 100% etnic cleansing

i reported this link, yt replied: Action Taken We’re unable to identify a violation of our Community Guidelines within your recent report to our Safety and Abuse Tool.

Concerning this video, the picture on the background is a photo of Kosovo, with the Serbian flag on it, and beneath it says ethnical cleaning 100%. The song has a lot of racist parts, calling for violence, and inciting of hatred.  But also it supports and promotes conspiracy theories and hatred against jews.You must keep on reporting this video by clicking at the report button on Youtube. You can select the option "incites violence or hate speech", concrete the time and give a description. Copy and paste the lyrics, even if you use a rough translation or you do it in your own language. You can also ask your friends to report it.  

October 10, 2016 at 1:10 pm
jews antisemitism youtube serbia hate


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