paralel forum: "Black humour or hate speech?" ...

it's a conversation about who does the most brute joke at this forum. All of them are racist, sexist & antisemitic. They make fun about different tragedies as death children or the holocaust.

Some forums have become an online place of abusive messages and impunity. This case is very common. Usually, you can find "black humour" conversation in these places, where the users compite to make the most brute jokes about others. In this example, there is a diverse rhetorical arsenal that supports the downplay or the denial of the genocide of six million Jews. All of these jokes are tools of discursive abuse and contribute to the spread of disinformation and hatred. A cartoon is often a good tool to spread a message and can also be used to counter this type of hate speech. See for example this cartoon

November 4, 2016 at 9:21 am
antisemitism joke blackhumour hatespeech forum spain holocaust


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