i hate jews but i am not an antisemite


a typically nazi hungarian website full of misuse of facts and figures, quotes from writers, "news", and hatred against anyone who is not considered "hungarian". This specific blog post is written by someone called laszlo tompo jr with a typical narrative

The writer tryes to show himself as some one clearly not antisemitc, however in between the line he is clearly so. He starts with "I was checking the website of the Hungarian Jewish Communities, and I see that 9 out of 10 articles are about the Holocaust" and adds "for menthal hygenic reasons I will not analyse these". This is an obvious hate speech pattern, that suggest as if reading, working on text about the Holocaust would be some kind of disgusting occupation that implies consequently that he is disgusted by them/it. Throughout the post he is suggesting the communisms in Hungary was a conspiracy of the Jewish people, which is a hidden hate speech that blames all bad things in History to some kind of "them" be it Jewish, Turkish, Russinas, the West or the Migrants these days. It is a typical mental pattern that survives generations and that undermines the whole society. There is a hidden romanticism that suggest "we Hungarian would be so great if the enemies, the others would allow us to be great". This mental pattern is the basis of the revival of present dayn Antisemtism and the dinal of the Holocaust in Hungary that is one of the main narratives of the right wing, nationalst populists. He closes his post with an obvious slide in saying "I am not the enemy of any nation or people, I am only enemy of the sin commited by anyone,, or any nation or any people". Through this he puts himself back to the role of the victim suggesting that a nation "the Jewsish nation"= them commited a sin against the "Hungarian nation" = us, so that he has the right to hate and to discrimminate... A fully twisted thinking with all the non-sense mental patterns, abd all the necessary simplification of our reality.

Report by: Community Manager, Hungary
November 6, 2016 at 4:41 pm
antisemitism subtlie hatespeech


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