There are 3 different facebook profiles and one twitter accound under the same mission: to deny Holocaust.

---------------------------------To minimise or deny the genocide is one of the most common forms of manipulation and antisemitism, as these profiles show. For instance, there are some posts and memes in these pages of Facebook and Twitter that denies the historical fact that the Nazis used gas chambers in the concentration camps to murder Jews. Moreover, there is a diverse rhetorical arsenal supporting the denial of the genocide of six million Jews. All of these are tools of discursive abuse and contribute to the spread of disinformation and hatred. To counter these narratives, you can follow some of the recommendation of the Stopping Hate Guide, published by Get the Trolls Out: "Think about your objectives: Are you seeking to engage with the person expressing hateful speech? What for? Are you seeking to lessen the consequences of a hateful Tweet/post on the wider audience? Are you seeking to express support for a group or identity under attack?" Thinking about your goals will help shape your response and the language you use. And is also take your time to develop a resource bank of counter-arguments, statistics and links to support your counter narrative. 

Report by: Panda Style, Spain
November 9, 2016 at 10:16 am
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