Особенности белорусской толерантности: гомофобия в Сети и трансвеститы на улицах
hate speech towords LGBTQI in Belarus


Язык вражды проявляется в отношении лгбт и содержит призыв к расстрелу.

The article is from Belarus and promotes hate speech to LGBTQI community in Belarus. In the article the author considers LGBTQI representatives as sick people and suggests people in the streets to keep far from them "just in case" because he writes that its a very dangerous "virus" and should be cleaned and wiped out from the society.Article consideres to be dangerous as the idea behind is to dehumanize the representatives of LGBTQI people and make them to be isolated from the society.

November 15, 2016 at 3:04 pm


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