Trump Vs Mexicans Game on the google chrome store ...

racist game on google chrome that encourages users to shoot Mexicans. here is the original site of origin for the game developers: HTTP://TRAVIATAGAMES.COM/TRUMPVERSUSMEXICANS Stop Mexicans at the US Border Based on the widespread rejection, but also in some enthusiastic support, in this game you will have to shot anything that resembles mexican, avoiding the dangerous mexican skulls. “Druggies, drug dealers, rapists and killers are coming across the southern border. When will the U.S. get smart and stop this travesty?” We don’t know about U. S. but Traviata Games lets you stop this travesty right away. Great 8 bit Mexican music, Trump nervous eyes, DEA snipers and even donkeys in this new online game by Traviata Games. Ready for Trump Versus Mexicans? Play now for free at

December 15, 2016 at 3:07 pm
hate hatespeech violence rhetoric mexicans trump ignorance


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