The No Hate Speech Movement is engaging young people to understand and learn about the nature of hate speech online. Beside raising awareness of hate speech in the widest online public sphere, it also invites people to take different actions. Here you can find the different possibilities of how you can take an action to support the Movement and make the Internet a place respecting human rights for all.

Create a video and upload it on our platform 
Check the campaign activities in your country and get involved! Here is the list of the National Campaign Coordinators. Write them an email!
Learn how to report hate speech on social networks: Facebook
Join our Facebook group and have a look at our Facebook page – join the No Hate Speech Movement
Join the Campaign as organisation and get to know what is happening on European level and how you can get involved
Join the European Action Days against hate speech online – see more details here 
Educate yourself by doing a short course online (coming soon!)
Organise a workshop or a training course in your school, club or organisation on how to act against hate speech online. Here you will find educational resources you can use 
Develop and implement a project against hate speech online – see the European Youth Foundation website for more details how you can get funding
React against hate speech online on blogs or social networks you are visiting – learn how (coming soon!)
Join online communities that are fighting against discrimination and racism
Share your experience with the others and empower them to take action against hate speech. Write a post on your blog and let us know about it
Send a call for action to our community
Have an idea! Write to the Council of Europe to youth.nohatespeech@coe.int